Customer Reviews and Pics


Do you see anyone you know? :)

"Hi, happy customer here! I'd love to leave a review for your products because I bought a t shirt from your store and I absolutely love the fabric and fit of the shirt!"   - Kory 12/2/2023


Jesse, 6/1/2023 size Extra Large



"This may be an unmonitored box, but I'm gonna try to give you some feedback anyway.

I've been disappointed many times by merch that I've purchased on other sites because of cheap, low quality materials.

I received my Reeds Cattle Company hoodie in the mail just moments ago. It came in with a conglomeration of other gifts I'd purchased for other family members, so it was the last to get opened.

I couldn't be happier with the product and although I live in a moderate climate, it will definitely be my "go to" when needed over the winter.

Thank you for living the values I've seen on your videos and incorporating them into your business. I will proudly wear the RCC brand and look forward to telling others about it when they ask about my hoodie. And they will.

I retired in a small town in upstate SC near the Appalachian mountains and surrounded by small agricultural operations. Beautiful area, with wonderful people who live life with old values. I'm grateful." -customer text received 12/2/2023


"Lovin' the merch! Had loads of comments about it at my office yesterday. (some from the woke folk, which I love lol) Wearing my "Buy Dirt" today to keep it going."  -Kris wears shirt size XL. He is solid build at 5'10"and 210 lbs. 



"I freaking love these shirts! I had no idea you guys use Bella+Canvas they are my absolute favorite shirts to get!" -Terralyn  12/5/2023



"Absolutely love the hoodie!  Great customer service too!! Thank you so much. Very happy customer!" -Dan (from England, our first out of country customer!) 12/5/2023


"New favorite shirt :) " - Spencer is 5'11" and 160lbs, wearing size MEDIUM shirt


"Got some more pics wearing my favorite shirt! About to place another order here soon, I'll share lots of pics!" - Emily 11/22/2023 Size Medium shirt


"Wearing my Reeds shirt to school today!! Let's hope my teachers like it lol" -Emily 8/17/2023

Size MEDIUM shirt, extra large personality :)


 "Just wanted to let y’all know, the shirt and hoodie I brought from you a while back gets so many compliments. People love them, except for the veganites." -Stephen 11/29/2023


 Logan is wearing size LARGE. He's 5'9 and 210lbs. 


Every year we have customers wear Reeds Cattle Co apparel to the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas and they ALWAYS have so many people comment on the sayings! This XL "Let's Go Brandin' " hoodie was a crowd favorite at the 2023 NFR! 



Jacob's Senior Pictures turned out epic in his Reeds Cattle Co shirt! Standing 5'9" and weighing 140 lbs, Jacob is wearing size MEDIUM in these pictures. 



Jordan from Hawaii is on fire in his Reeds Cattle Co merch! He stand 5' 8" and at 160lbs, he fills his size LARGE "Punchy" shirt just right! 


Daniel (6'2", 230 lbs) from Farmington, NM says, "Just got my shirt and hat. This shirt means a lot in the my area" LOL

And can we all just take a moment and appreciate a working man who can rock a magnificent BEARD like that!!